A responsible business, responsible for our future

Our action plan stipulates that J.J.Louro Pereira Group must be prepared to strengthen its competitiveness, reduce its environmental footprint and create a culture of solidarity in the community.

Global Commitment

As an entity that produces raw materials and transforms them into a final product, we are aware of the impact of our business.

This is why we undertake to optimize more sustainable production techniques, find new solutions and new uses for waste, and create support networks and conditions to improve the community.

The Environment

Where we act

Stimulate the economy

We constantly invest in increasingly innovative and sustainable production technologies, in order to optimize resources and establish long terms partnerships with national suppliers, thereby stimulating the economy and employment.

Respect the environment

We are mindful of the amount of energy used and wasted by our business activity and as such we have implemented 4 ecological practices – reduce, re-use, recover and recycle – with regard to foam, plastic, wood and fabric.

Supporting the community

We have cultivated a very strong sense of solidarity within the community and that is why we call it “our” community.